Ideas for a Unique Birthday Party Location

Celebrating a birthday in the same location over and over can become boring and dull. You don’t want everybody to feel like this in a birthday as it is supposed to be a happy moment, most especially for the celebrant. Break the loop before the customary thing strikes back. Try any of these ideas for a uniquely celebrated birthday party.


Get everybody dressed up in their favorite swimwear by having the birthday celebration in a beach near you. Or, if budget allows, you could also try the pride beaches from distant areas. Not to worry though if you can’t afford to travel to a beach: beach theme birthday bash would be a perfect alternative that can be setup in the backyard.


This is absolutely perfect if you fancy a birthday party done with a bonfire. The scene it can offer is worth a relaxation for everybody in attendance. While waiting for the bonfire moment, you can entertain everybody with a game, like a scavenger hunt. You could also choose a lakeside restaurant, like Charlie’s Bistro and Bar in Doral. Lakeside restaurants can cater parties, so you don’t have to worry about the food. They can even help you plan.

Sports hub

Do you have a guest list of sporty individuals? Why not bring everybody to a sports center in your area for a sport-filled birthday party celebration? Depending on the packages and facilities available, you could throw a sporty party with the attendees getting active with the Flag Football Skills and Drills, Dodgeball, Soccer Skills and Drills, Kickball, Tee-ball, Volleyball or Wiffleball.


For a birthday party that requires plenty of room for the guests, a park would be a perfect location. The playground equipment would be a built-in entertainment for everybody, especially the kids. You may need to check with the Park and Recreation Department in your area though if this is something that can be done and reserved, especially that you will need to take over the pavilion, or some parts of the park, for the party setup.


The view of the animals you don’t usually see every day is enough to activate the minds of the guests and bring everybody to the wonder about the creation of living things. This makes a birthday party in a zoo a unique and memorable celebration. Guests close to animals and those curious to see rare fellow earth occupants will even love it more. Zoo party packages vary from one location to another though and might charge per head, so you want to window shop first to see if this is something your budget allows.

Science hub

Another way to activate the minds of the guests while having a party is to do it a place full of amazing discoveries and wonders. This is especially ideal for the kids, but the young at heart and curious minds are also welcome. A science hub that caters birthday parties usually offers a range of activities that make the celebration science-filled and memorable. Check on the science museum, center or hub in your area if this is something they provide.


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