How to make use of your time the best way in South Florida

Whether you are visiting South Florida for a week vacation or you are living in the area, but bored and looking for some experience-booster things to do, I got you covered.
I actually have the same question a few months ago when I found myself scheduled for a visit to South Florida, specifically in Doral. Thankfully though, I was with a group of curious and adventurous men bringing us all together to a visit we’ll forever remember. So, here’s what we made use of our time the best way.


Everybody loves the boat, except me. I have this sickness that triggers when I’m in a boat or something that floats in vast water. Luckily for me though, the boat ride in Bayview was a worthy endeavor.

I realized that the decision saved us from the traffic in Miami. And the best part of the ride that really made us forget about the time was the view of the different islands where the houses of the rich and famous stand. It was a view that put us all talking throughout the very short voyage.

Charlie’s Bistro and Bar

On our second day in South Florida, the group thought that we need a place for some drinks. We’re in Doral and we thought of not going anywhere far this time. Fortunately for us, Doral is filled with different restaurants offering enticing happy hour specials.

We especially need a place to relax and we found a beautiful lakeside restaurant at the center of Costa del Sol Golf Club, Charlie’s Bistro and Bar. It’s a restaurant with a bar and the outdoor seating offers a stunning view of a lake. We started with a couple of special drinks and found ourselves singing and dancing a few hours after that. We learned they always have the sing and dance every Friday night.

Fairchild tropical Botanic Garden

We heard that there is a botanic garden in Coral Gables that is frequently rented for weddings and private events. Everybody in the group agreed to visit, so we made our way to the in demand destination, Fairchild tropical botanic garden.

Our arrival was greeted with an impressive and highly sophisticated landscape masterpiece that puts us instantly in awe. The fragrance swaying along the easy breeze gave a sense of paradise. Our walk presented us a magnificent horticulture display. The long list of living plants they are managing made us ignorant in every way. This is absolutely a must-visit place for those who fancy plants and garden formation.

Vizcaya museum and gardens

Our experience with Fairchild made us all want to try another similar experience, and a local suggested that we should visit The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

When I first heard of it, I was like, “What – museum and gardens in one place?” It really sounded to me and to everyone in the group like it’s going to be a worthwhile visit. And we were never wrong.

Visiting Vizcaya is like you have entered a time machine gate that will bring you back to a few decades in the past. Everything was just so magical and enchanting. Every shift in view you make is a remembrance of how grand the life of the people who used to live in the palace. The garden was also a fantastic view. No wonder it’s the only garden in the whole US Queen Elizabeth II visited.


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