How to Celebrate Your Anniversary the Most Memorable Way


Your anniversary is fast approaching and you are looking for ideas to celebrate it the most memorable way. Well, I have a list anniversary itineraries that I am sure would make for an anniversary celebration that will always be remembered.

Realize your dream vacation

Having to travel with the very special person in your life is kind of one of the best experiences to live and that makes the idea for a couple celebrating anniversary worth the expense and adventure. Husband or wife, you could be the one to get everything scheduled and reserved and present it your behalf with a little bit of thrill. If both of you have been dying to tour the new wonders of earth, then perhaps your anniversary is the right time to do it.

Movie date

This is a tried and tested idea for anybody who wants to feel young, cheerful and romantic again. I mean, going out with your love to see a romantic movie could bring back memories that brought you together up to the day of your anniversary. If you’ve been through a lot of hardships, this can reactivate the great feelings you once had towards your partner. So, check to see if there is a good movie to watch that both of you like and can relate to. If none, then maybe a romantic movie marathon at home would be a great alternative. Don’t forget buy popcorns.  

Fine dine

You might say this is just eating and there’s nothing particularly exciting about devouring well-presented foods. Nope. You can actually make eating exciting by trying out something both of you have not eaten before. Or, you could celebrate in the best fine dining restaurant you could find and together experience the grandness. Some fine dining places feature romantic scenes. For instance in Doral, a restaurant named Charlie’s Bistro and Bar offers lakeside fine dining. Is not dining in a place with a view of beautiful lake a great thing to experience on your anniversary?

Attend a sporting event

So you want a fun filled anniversary celebration. Not a problem! Grab tickets to a sporting event in your town or in a school you have attended. This can make both of your feel young again and possibly remember the old days and recover the great feelings when you started seeing each other. Additionally, cheering together for the teams in play makes for a wonderful and fun bonding time. You may optionally play a beating game while enjoying the sport watching and the winner gets a kiss made out of tender, love and case.

Tour your town

If you have not already, then probably your anniversary is the best time to know your town a lot better. Discover hidden gems and try each of them out if you can and if time allows. Learn what there is that you missed to see and experience all these years. Know the things that make your town standout from the rest. You could play a detective’s role while touring your town. Finding answers to town-related questions and solve them together. Best if you can do this on foot or bicycles.

Visit a gallery/museum

Are you a couple who doesn’t find arts, keepsakes of notable people and things of the past interesting? Then maybe it’s time to break it. Grab your passes to a gallery or a museum. Looking at valued arts can make the mind wonder to an infinite space and could possibly spark a question and answer moment that you as a couple never normally have.

Watch a concert

Another fun and memorable thing to do on your anniversary is to watch a grand concert of a famous celebrity. This would only be possible though if there is going to be a concert close to the date of your anniversary. It would be great, of course, if the concert is right on the date of your celebration. In case not and it’s only a few days apart, then maybe you can advance the celebration or drag it to a later date to match the concert date.  


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