Some of the Favorite Food Take Out Options in South Florida

take out restaurant in doral

I consider myself as one of the busy guys who, most of the time, can’t spend even a minute to fix a nice breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner for myself or for the guys I am with at home during working days no matter how I want to do it for myself and for others. This makes me appreciate the existence of food delivery and take out services by my favorite restaurants. Being able to order food over a phone call or take out some is just so handy every time and is always one of my ways to surviving a busy life.

If you’re like me, living a busy life in South Florida, and you need a list of food delivery and take out restaurant options, here’s what I have for each interesting cuisine.

Charlie’s Bistro and Bar –

This beautiful lakeside restaurant in Doral has to come first. They offer well-crafted and flavorful American cuisines. Their home food delivery service covers most of the cities surrounding Doral, including Miami and Coral Gables. You can also stop by at the place and take out your chosen food unique to Charlie’s. See their menu for the list of delicious recipes you can order.

Fratelli Milano –

For those of you who are looking for an Italian food delivery service, here’s a restaurant you can be at as well as contact in downtown Miami. The place is highly visited during lunch time; I think that speaks of how good their homemade Italian dishes are. Their lunch specials offer a great combo of goodness even first timers will appreciate.

POC American Fusion Buffet & Sushi –

And here’s one restaurant you can come to when you crave for fresh meat prepared and presented the Japanese way. They don’t do delivery; however, their take out service will make up for that. And by the way, this is an eat all you can option offered at $23 per head. You might think that’s a little high, but you’ll basically eat what your money is worth.

Mai-Kai Restaurant & Polynesian Show –

If you like everything Hawaiian, this restaurant in Fort Lauderdale can serve you that with perfection. It’s actually a tourist trap spot as it combines Hawaiian kitchen prowess with one of a kind entertainment. Their show is for anyone to see and their food is for everyone to dine in, take out and bring home. They don’t do delivery, but that’s okay as going to the place is worth the hassle.

Calypso Restaurant & Raw Bar –

The list can’t go without a Caribbean option, and Calypso will fill in for it. What can I say; it is all Caribbean in here. But what makes people come back despite the fact that they’re closed during weekends, no matter how loyal patrons whine about it, and aside from the good food is the attitude of the owners which everyone finds pleasant and very accommodating. No delivery though; only take-out.


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