Places to Celebrate Mother’s Day in South Florida

Being a mother is like dealing with the toughest job in the world. In order to be qualified for the position only the toughest can keep up with and survive, you need to have all the necessary qualities and skills in upbringing little ones to good fate, that is why it is just right to reward our all-time heroines from time-to-time, especially on Mother’s Day.

If you’re a loving and caring husband, son or daughter, you probably are wondering already where you could possibly bring and treat the ultimate woman in your life. For those of you living in South Florida, here is a list of great places to treat your mother or wife.

Charlie’s Bistro and Bar –

Mom or wife loves natural scenes? Perhaps a gorgeous view of a lake courtesy of Charlie’s Bistro and Bar in Doral is a perfect treat for her. Charlie’s is known for their alfresco lakeside fine dining offer which allows you to experience delicious dishes and scenic waterfront view at the same time.

Nothing But the Best –

Mother fancy French cooking? Invite her for a dinner at Nothing But the Best. Their name speaks for what they have that you can really enjoy. Many consider this option a hidden gem in Miami, but to make you say that you have to really be in the place and order nothing but the best of what they have.

LOLA Restaurant and Grill –

If you live in Miami Beach, there is one gem in the area that is quite hidden, but sure is worth navigating and searching for – LOLA Restaurant and Grill. It’s a steakhouse with Argentinean and Italian influences. What makes this place perfect for mothers to visit is its ambiance which offers a classy and elegant feel, making the moms feels good, refreshed and young again.


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