Fine Dining Restaurants with free Wi-Fi in Doral, Florida


You are hungry and you are looking for places to eat in Doral, but you can’t afford to be disconnected from the virtual world for whatever personal/work-related reasons, so you basically need to go to a dining place where there is free internet connection. I understand you and you are about to find out where.

I actually found myself asking this question last week, but thankfully my search did not take long. I am quite impressed with the options I came up though, so I thought of compiling what I found from different points of Doral and have them all a single blog post.

Charlie’s Bistro and Bar

Charlie’s Bistro and Bar is already a great place to eat in Doral for the alfresco lakeside dining offer they have. Happy hour on weekdays, daily specials, game watching promos, sing and dance, they have them all. They have great tasting dishes, too! But what really made me enjoy and appreciate the place more is their free Wi-Fi. It instantly became my preferred external workplace because of that.

Divino Ceviche

If you fancy more of Peruvian and Latin American style of cooking, Divino Ceviche would a great place to visit that can make up for it. One thing you will notice when you visit this place is the orderly of every details they have in place, which would make for a great site while dining, and surely is a great surrounding to be in while surfing the Internet, which they offer access for free.


Capricio is like a go to place for guys who crave for anything Delis, Italian and Salad recipes. People around the area consider this place as a great escape for lunch goodness. You may want to come earlier if you consider visiting the place as it can easily get occupied and waiting time for a table is like a challenge you have to endure. Nevertheless, they have great sandwiches, which are perfect side snack choices while browsing the internet.

Giraffas Brazilian Kitchen and Grill

How about Brazilian dishes? If it’s a big nod for you, then be at Giraffas Brazilian Kitchen and Grill. There is a modern vibe in the place if the type of atmosphere comforts you best while browsing through web-pages on the internet. But I suggest you go surfing with any of the burgers in their menu, because I just found it a wonderful experience, not to mention the friendliness of the staffs complemented it best.

La Provence

French in your blood? Feel at home when you visit La Provence – a popular destination for individuals craving for foods prepared the French way. And judging from my experience, this is the intersection of delicious French desserts and free Wi-Fi. Surfing the net with a great tasting desserts in hand just feels better. The place, like Capricio, easily fills too, so might want to think of tactics first before finding yourself with other patrons waiting for tables.

Your favorite restaurant with free Wi-Fi in Doral may have not made the cut, in which case feel free to offer them a mention in the comments below.


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