How Salsa Dance can be good for you


Feeling bored? Can’t think of new and exciting things to do on your vacant hours? Why not get yourself into dancing Salsa. Here are a couple of reasons why it can be good for you.

It can elevate your social life

This can be your great excuse to come out in the open if you are a shy type of a person and always find yourself in the four corners of your home. Being active in any dance practice can help you develop your social life and relationship. It gives you a reason to stay out and be with people who will eventually gain understanding about you making you new friends while strengthening the existing ones.

It can boost your self-esteem

Not a confident man or a woman? Learning a new skill could give you a reason to be more proud of yourself, especially salsa dancing. When people find that you are a good salsa dancer, they’ll appreciate it about you, boosting your confidence to new level. People may even ask you to help them learn to dance the way you do.

It can make you fit

Dancing is a great exercise. And while exercise itself can be at times dull, dancing is not and will not be, especially Salsa. There is always a rush in energy following the right sequence of moves, while chasing the beat of the music, which makes your body burn those unwanted fats in every twist and turn.

It can help you find new friends

When you enroll for a dance class, you are on your way to making new friends. When you are ruling the dance floor in any given venue, expect to meet new friends. When people like the way you dance, because it is just so awesome to watch you do so, new friends are surely on the way.

These are just four of the many reasons why Salsa dancing can be good for you.

If you’re in Doral, you can visit Charlie’s Bistro and Bar to dance Salsa every Friday night. It’s a great place with a relaxing ambiance. You can enjoy delicious foods, cold beers and fine wines before, during and after an enjoyable night of Salsa dancing.


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