The Best Restaurants to Order Food for Takeout in Doral


There are times when you feel dining at home rather than enjoying a toothsome meal in a restaurant. That time probably is happening to you right now and you are wondering where you could possibly go to order a delicious meal that you can take-out and savor in the comfort of your home. If you live in Doral, here are a couple of restaurants where you can order for takeout.

Charlie’s Bistro and Bar –

There are many things to love about Charlie’s. They bring lakeside fine dining experience in Doral. Their place is beautiful enough for you to want to hold your party. But if you can’t stay for awhile to enjoy your order in one of the outdoor tables, you can always order for take-out. And the best thing about it is you get a free soda when you do so.

Divino Ceviche –

Who would not know Divino in Doral? They offer great-tasting Peruvian dishes in the area which have captured the picky taste buds of their diners. It’s a divine restaurant as patrons would tell you exactly that when you ask for their experience or feedback. What’s great is that you can enjoy Peruvian dishes in your home, too, as they allow orders for take-out.

TiraDToss –

TiraDToss is like a go-to place for all of us who are curious about how a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian styles would taste. And this restaurant features a view of a lake, too. But of course, if you want to bring home some tiraditos, sushis or shashimis, you could always order them for take-out.

La Griglia

Prefer Italian meals? Not a problem! La Griglia will have you covered. This is one of the hidden gems in Doral for the reason that their dishes come way too delicious for their asking price! That right; and it means you will have an order worth taking-out and bringing home. Their pasta meals are delicious, but don’t miss their grilled tuna and octopus salad, too.

Taco Rico –

If you’re a Mexican and you miss your hometown’s toothsome Mexican foods and seasonings, Taco Rico will make you feel at home in Doral. This restaurant is small, but what they offer is big enough to make you appreciate, and it’s inexpensive. You’ll have a worthy Mexican dish take-out from here as their servings come in good sizes.


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