Eating Out doesn’t have to be Boring and Tiresome


Salsa night in Doral at Charlie’s Bistro and Bar

While cooking your own food can be fulfilling, and dining at home with family and friends can be fun, it doesn’t mean eating out is less satisfying. Here are ways you can make eating out as lively and as exciting as you can.


Happy hours


If you like the noise of fun buzzing around while you are having your meal, try dining out during happy hours. Usually, restaurants begin their happy hours at 4pm and end at 8pm. You can simply book for a 6pm dinner, which will give you a crowd of people enjoying to see while savoring your meal.


Dancing night


Some restaurants also provide a way for diners to socialize and discover new friends by having fun activities happening alongside dining like a dance night. A dance night in a typical fine dining restaurant usually happens on a particular day in a week and starts after happy hours. Salsa night at Charlie’s, for instance, happens every Friday at 8pm onwards.


Karaoke night


Eating delicious food is always delightful while singing is very self-fulfilling and entertaining. The good news is, many of the restaurants you can find in every city offer both. So if you like to hear good voices while dining, or maybe belt a favorite song after a toothsome dinner, then reserve for a seat in a restaurant with a karaoke night.


Game watching special


No matter what sport you are fond of watching, there is going to be a restaurant that’s going to offer specials if you prefer easy access to great tasting foods while watching a game comfortably on a big screen. For example, the recently concluded FIFA brought crowds of fans to their favorite restaurant to watch their favorite teams play while taking advantage of the specials such discount on foods or free shots of tequila per goal.


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