Make Event Planning Simple with these very easy to follow tips


Planning for an event or occasion doesn’t have to be a difficult encounter. If you were given the task to ensure an upcoming occasion or event to run smooth and flawless, but you are afraid the equivalent tasks might be hard for you to deal with, here are some tips on how to make the endeavor simple.

Set a goal first

Planning is a lot easier when you do it with a target or goal in mind. Define what you want the outcome would be for the event or occasion you are planning for. Having a goal to focus your efforts to can offer you two things, and that’s a highly organized event and satisfied host and guests. Is not that the result/feedback you want at the end?

Find a place ahead

Don’t let the laziness caught you scrambling for a venue when there is only a few days left before the event date. Instead, immediately begin looking for a venue and book ahead. There are two things you’ll benefit for doing this; extra time for the venue selection process and more venue options for you to choose from. Life’s easy when you’re not moving frantically to deliver.

Don’t assume; be ready

A great event planner always has back-up plans, and that is to say be ready for the unwanted things/situations that may take place. Don’t assume especially on things that involves your host and guests’ comfort and experience. Device a plan B and even C just in case your original plan is no longer a possibility. Trust me; event planning is a lot more difficult to handle when you don’t plan for alternatives.

Be an agile planner

Keep in mind that your guests need to know all the little things they need to do for themselves for the event in which case you should have all of their contact details on file. One great tool you can use for collecting this data is the MS Excel program. You can use a spreadsheet to keep all contact details. Should you also need the details for any print-related materials where the guests’ info should be inscribed, you can recover all of it from this file.

List all things needed

Don’t let your mind keep all of this data. Listing things on a paper or using MS Word frees up a great deal of your mind, giving you more brain cells to process data, while allowing you to recover precise details whenever needed. You no longer have to squeeze your memory just to recover lost and forgotten details when you do this, thus making you effective in delivering your plans.


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