How to Avoid a Busted Party Night Experience


Unlikely things could happen if you lose control during and post party night. Take these tips on how to excuse yourself from experiencing a disastrous or busted party night.

Be a conscious drinker

Always allow yourself enough time to recover after a drink and observe if that dizzy feeling is already taking over your body. If your speech is slurring and you are feeling dizzy, take it easy from there and consider drinking a lot of cold water. Don’t mind the pushy baristas or friends trying to knock you out drinking. It will be you who will suffer from that moment on and the morning after not them if you give in to the pressure.

Water is a key

If you want to stay up all night to enjoy the entirety of the party and still have the strength to go home, consider hydrating yourself after every alcohol drinking moment. Water will not only make you feel good, but flush alcohol out of your body quickly, too, allowing you the endurance to stay up and party all night long.

Don’t forget to eat

Just because you are having fun doesn’t mean you will have to forget about eating. Eating something is part of the party experience, so never miss that part, too! And besides, drinking on an empty stomach is quite unpleasant and will knock you out quickly, so be sure that you’re filling up your stomach with the best food there is before loading it up with alcohol.

Stay light for fun

If your main goal in attending a party is to enjoy and relax and have a rejuvenated self the morning after, I suggest that you avoid all the heavy drinks that will be pushed your way, like red wine, bourbon and rum. Conversely, white wine, gin, vodka and beer are okay, provided that you follow the tips presented before this one.

Prioritize your likes

To enjoy a party even more, consider prioritizing the things you love to do or like to have. For instance, if it is the singing and dancing part of the party you are up to; do that most of the time than sitting in front of a table having a drink. On the other hand, if you are there for the drinks, you should have conditioned yourself for it or be aware of any recovery tips in case the moment go out of control.


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