Having Fun at a Party Doesn’t Mean You Have to Drink a Lot


To really enjoy a party doesn’t mean you have to drink all the wines and beers there are to get yourself in the mood and have fun only to find out your went out and wake up the next morning clueless of what had happen. There are things you can do to have fun at a party aside from drinking.

Don’t find yourself sitting

One of the moves you can make to totally enjoy a party is by keeping yourself busy with things that’s happening on the party. If people are throwing jokes at one another, then throw some of yours. If they’re bringing their best moves on the dance floor, why don’t you. If they’re belting their favourite songs, why not request for your all-time favourite.

Set your mood pre-party

If you have not set your mood to party like it’s not going to end, chances are you are going to get bored and find refuge to drinking so you could kick-start yourself to start partying. Setting up your mood prior to a party is simple; all you need to do is bring out the best song that could bring you to a tempo or rhythm.

Sing along

Not able to sing doesn’t mean you can’t party. If you must; try singing along with the people trying to sing the same song, too. Chances are, you will find yourself in chorus and having fun than just filling your glass with wine one after another.

Play games

If the party includes playing games, join the fun and bring out your wit or athleticism. If you don’t know how to play the games being played, trying suggesting the games you are fond of playing. You could be a master of a board game. Or, perhaps you are a master of a video game in your high school days.

Don’t be afraid to say no

One of the problems partying people usually neglect when attending to a party is the ability to say no to something that is really unnecessary, like saying no to a hard drink. Partying doesn’t have to be drinking all night. Most of the time it means enjoying yourself the best you can. How could you enjoy yourself and the party if you’re already drunk and can’t make for a great conversation or participation?

The key here is self-control, knowing what’s best for yourself and choose the things that could help you have a fun time with the group of people you are with. Choose to do this and you’ll surely have fun.


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