How to Fine Dine like a Pro


You want to try a fine dining restaurant that was recently recommended by one of your friends. However, the idea got you worried a bit since you have not tried it before or that you want to do it the way pros in fine dining do in order to maximize the experience. Relax; because below are tips that will help you with your fine dining worries.

Be ready with your budget

One of the things that could ruin your fine dining experience is the trouble with payments. To excuse yourself from falling into this unwanted situation, research about the restaurant you want to dine at. The prices could be something that requires you to be budget-ready. In connection to this, do your homework with the restaurant’s payment policy as well. They may only accept cash, so bringing only your credit card won’t help. Or, it might be a cashless restaurant, so bringing cash won’t help.

Come early

Coming early or on time is especially important when you are fine dining with a group coming from everywhere. You don’t want to be the late person when everybody is already hungry waiting for you. If you are going to dine alone, it’s all the more important to come on time on your reserved date and time as restaurants have this standard policy to give away your table after a specified amount of time. In case you are running late, don’t forget to call and give notice.

Leave after you’re done

Restaurants do have their margins and they basically rely on turning tables to reach it. That is to say when you are done with your food, considering a few minutes to ready yourself and then leave; don’t linger. When you stay for too long after you are done with your food, you are putting the restaurant unable to reach margins and incommoding other customers. The point here is you don’t want to be inconvenienced restaurateur or customer.

Put any distraction away

Always remember that there is a dining etiquette to follow in every fine dining restaurant you choose to visit. This means everything is expected to be polished and organized, including your manners. One good example of an etiquette breach is by making your smartphone a centrepiece. Putting your phone on the table and allowing it to buzz out loud is really okay when you’re at a casual joint or a loud restaurant, but never do it when you’re in a serene feel of a fine dine restaurant or else you could draw (humiliating) stares.


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