5 Ways You Can Make Your Steak Oozing with Flavors

Sterling Silver Skirt Steak @ Lago Bistro and Bar

So you not just want to cook a steak, but make the produce leak the flavors you wanted. Granted, cooking a steak is not like cooking meat the way you want. There are certain procedures or steps that will make the cooking produce the best and flavorful outcome. In this regard, here is a list of things to keep in mind when preparing a steak.

Use the best frying pan available

Sorry to say, but you can’t just use any frying pan or skillet if you are really aiming for a flavorful steak you can get after cooking. You will need a heavy-duty, thick-based, non-stick coated frying pan. Alternatively, you can use a heavy griddle pan or skillet. The reason behind choosing these types of pans is that they can really get hot producing a slightly sweet, charred finish of your meat.

Don’t overload the pan

Don’t be tempted to squeeze all your meat to cook in a pan that is not big enough to accommodate them all. Apply some patience and cook your meat one or two at a time. Doing this will make the meat equally cooked, which in turn will give you the expected flavor.

When it is already cooked

You can’t really tell exactly if your meat is already cooked by just looking at it. You need some level of assurance that it is done. Here’s how to tell your meat is already good to be transferred to a plate to rest. Get your tongs and press the center of the meat using the back of it. It’s rare when the meat feels soft. It’s medium when the steak feels slightly firmer and springy. Well-done when it’s very firm.

Making sure of the tenderness

One kitchen help you need in order to achieve a steak with the level of tender you wanted is a foil. You will need the foil to cover the steak you just cooked or transferred to a plate. Let the steak rest up to 5 minutes enclosed in foil. The reason to never miss this step is that doing this allows juices to settle and the muscle fibers to relax, which in turn will give you that tender steak you desire.

Trapping the juices while cooking

When cooking your steak, you don’t want those juices you need to leak all the way out and evaporate in the air. While it is impossible to contain all of the juices, there is a way to keep most of them trap while cooking. And all there really is to do is heat your frying pan over medium-high heat before adding your steak. This seals the surface, trapping in juices.


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