A Guided Party is A Party Gone Smoothly

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As someone who would host a party for a special occasion or event, your ultimate goal is to carry it out as smooth as possible. But with all the factors that can spoil it, the task of keeping the party smooth-sailing can be quite challenging. With a guide, however, things can be as easy as you might not think it would be. Here’s the list of things to remember.

On-party clean-up

Those little things left unattended by guests after use could pile up in no time and would make for an ugly sight. The solution? Clean as you go. Try to grab those little things we call litters and waste as you move around entertaining your guest. Doing this not only makes the party as clean as it was before it started, but would make the post-party clean-up a breeze.

Make use of extra hands

When you guests extend their hands for help, don’t shy away and say you can handle it, because you really need those hands to make handling the party easy for you. Here’s a thing though – make the guests’ work as light or a little, like helping you pick up something or pouring wine to a glass. Take advantage of the helping hand, but only if they’re offered or made available to you.

Set the mood

You know what the greatest party buster is? Boredom. You don’t want to make everyone feel as if they’ve been invited to a slow time watching contest and yawn their way throughout. Vibe the party out, set the mood for everyone. You can do this by directing the lighting, music and temperature in a way that highly encourages the guests to eat, drink and, most importantly, socialize.

Make something to remember

Do something that would set your party apart from the parties your guests had been. In other words, make your party offer something unique, a flair, that makes every attendees remember in memory. You could incorporate your personality to it, or follow a theme that’s not been done is other parties in the neighbourhood, but don’t be too over it, just a little uniqueness will do.

Make water and non-alcoholic choices available

Because it’s a party it doesn’t mean all there is to drink are those expensive alcohols you can afford. Be sure to always have water and non-alcoholic options for your guests that don’t drink alcohol. And if budget is something you need to be in total control, expensive drink choices may not make the cut. This is something not to worry though – they would understand, but be sure to have the basics available – wines, beers, spirits and mixers. And if you can, make a personal favourite premix cocktail – remember make something to remember.

There you have it. If you can add more to this guide, make it available to others by posting it in the comments section below.


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