When Vegetables and Sandwiches Come Together Amazing Things Happen

mediterranean grilled vegetarian sandwich at Lago Bistro and Bar

The title is right. Wouldn’t you agree? When the flavors of vegetables come to supplement the tastefulness of sandwiches, we are instantly in for surprises, not to mention it’s a healthy option for diet conscious individuals.

I scraped the web for the best sandwich recipes you can pack. Here’s a list of them I found.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Avocado, & Feta Sandwich

Let’s start with this vegetarian sandwich recipe where the typical vegie tandem, Hummus and Avocado, can be found. You can either roast red peppers yourself or just buy the ones already roasted made available in the nearest store. Grilling the sandwich is not necessary, except for those who prefer some crunchiness. Here’s the complete ingredients and process of this recipe.

Tomato and goat cheese sandwich with balsamic drizzle

I personally like eating fresh tomatoes and that basically prompted me to include this recipe as second in the list. Unless you are all set to eat it, you have to pack the ingredients separately in two baggies. The first baggy will contain the slide tomatoes with the balsamic drizzle already added. The second baggy will contain the sliced and toasted bread pieces with fresh basil and goat cheese. The reason for doing this if you are only to eat it later is that you don’t want to eat a soggy sandwich. Here’s the page to ingredients and instructions.

Cobb salad sandwich

The combination of a lot of flavors in this recipe just made it so tempting, not to mention the finish product looks really hard-to-resist. I mean, just imagine the flavors of mayo, blue cheese, onion, lettuce, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg and avocado combined together – that’s what you get with eating cobb salad sandwich. Here is how you would prepare this recipe.

Creamy Greek salad wrap

Here is a delicious wrap option, though a recipe that would require a little more time to prepare and is not something you can easily do when you are in a hurry. The reason? The Tzatziki sauce – the homemade version. Despite that, trust me, it is worth all the effort you can give it. I mean, the flavors of feta cheese, Kalamata olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, cucumber and Tzatziki mixed and spread on the wrap with some lettuce just feels like a roll made from heaven. Here goes the exact way to prepare it.

There you go! 4 amazingly delicious and healthy vegetable sandwich recipes. If you know another of same goodness, feel free to provide details in the comment section below.


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