How to Enjoy a Friday Night Drinking Party While on a Diet

Lago Bistro and Bar - A Great Place to Enjoy Friday Night

Following a strict diet makes us want to avoid all the edible stuffs that can ruin it. In doing so, however, also makes us sacrifice the activities we usually like to do that involves eating and drinking because we know too well that the partying or socializing part of it will only make us to forget caring for ourselves and surrender to eating or drinking without any memory for dietary restrictions.

Having said that, how do we make sure that we get to enjoy a Friday night drinking party while not losing concern over any dietary restriction? The key is to go for the drinks that don’t compromise the restriction. Here’s a list of options.

Choose light for beer

The best way to explain this point is that the lighter the beer, the lower its calorie content. We know this may not sound like a good idea for someone used to enjoy hard drinks, but think of the calories we would save ourselves. Most light beers clock around 96 calories a pint. Now, you do the math.

Choose white for wine

This will have the same argument as the light beer option. Calorie count is different between varieties of wine. Put it simply, calorie is greater for wines with higher alcohol content. Here’s a thing for us to be able to do the math about wines, four ounces of white wine have about five calories less than red wine.

Choose watermelon for Martini

A watermelon flavored Martini is a popular drink target option for weight watchers. This goes by the reason that other Martinis are loaded with calories and sugar, thus a red light for those following any dietary restriction. Watermelon Martini only has 105 calories if you need that figure to base your consideration of this delicious cocktail.

Go for Cape Codder Cocktail

Party people also distinctly recognize this cocktail drink as Vodka Cranberry. Now, there’s something you want to check before having a glass of this. With Cranberry Juice, calorie count could be about 190. If you replaced that with diet cranberry juice though, you’ll have a low calorie Cape Codder cocktail drink at 140. The cut sounds good for a must-try modified cocktail, right?

Mojito over Margarita

Choosing Mojito over Margarita would save you close to 120 calories. To modify this drink even better, you may ask the server to have the sugar be replaced with Sugarfree instead. Also, having it mixed with fresh lime juice would make it best tasting.

There you have it! A diet doesn’t always mean cutting short the will be fun experiences in your life. It’s no reason to make you feel badly isolated from the world of enjoyment.


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