What Your Body Really Gets When You Eat Mussels

Steam Mussels in White Wine Sauce at Lago Bistro and Bar

So what will your body enjoy when you decide to have a meal with steam Mussels in white wine sauce at Lago Bistro and Bar or any mussels recipe available in a restaurant near you? Yes, this is yet another seafood recipe and it might be cooked and presented to you so simple that you would not think of it as a health-boosting goodness.

Apart from you will instantly enjoy its wonderfully unique taste complemented with a mixture of other ingredients, mussels comes with nutrients and vitamins you would not expect it has enclosed in those fun-looking shells.
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Salmon Recipes: To-Die-for Kitchen Masterpieces

Wild Lake Huron Grilled Salmon at Lago Bistro and Bar

I get it. You are here because you run out of ideas or are not sure of what to make use of the fresh salmon in your refrigerator. Don’t worry, in less than an hour, you will learn the amazing things you can make with this very versatile and incredibly healthy fish. Without further ado, the tasty and to-die-for Salmon recipes. Continue reading

The Delectable Recipes You Can Make With Oreo

Oreo Balls with Strawberries at Lago Bistro and Bar

So you want to become a dessert expert and you have Oreo as your main ingredient. However, you seem not sure of what you can make out of it or to what other ingredients you can combine it with to come up with an irresistible dessert.

Relax my friend. The lookup for amazing Oreo recipes has already been done for you. All you need to do now is to grab a pen and paper, read throughout, get ready to salivate and take note of whichever Oreo dessert interests you. Continue reading