Salmon Recipes: To-Die-for Kitchen Masterpieces

Wild Lake Huron Grilled Salmon at Lago Bistro and Bar

I get it. You are here because you run out of ideas or are not sure of what to make use of the fresh salmon in your refrigerator. Don’t worry, in less than an hour, you will learn the amazing things you can make with this very versatile and incredibly healthy fish. Without further ado, the tasty and to-die-for Salmon recipes.

Salmon with Spring Vegetables

To start with, here’s a fast and easy to prepare Salmon dinner which is great with any personal touches added to it. The preparation only takes 5 steps to complete. For the list of ingredients and detailed preparation procedure, click here.

Citrus Salmon with Rice Noodles

Did you know that Salmon can help switch on the fat-burning process in your cells? That’s because of the polyunsaturated fats, more recognized as omega-3 fatty acids, well-supplied in cold-water fish like Salmon. Adding citrus and rice noodles to the formula and you are up to a delicious and healthy dish. To the recipe here.

Salmon Chowder with Bacon

If you love Bacon, then you can make that a supplementary ingredient to this Salmon soup. The creaminess of this recipe feels as if you are being served in a restaurant in every sip. Add Bacon’s flavor as the crumbled complement on top and you are in for another delicious soup experience. This only takes a couple of steps to prepare. Click here.

Citrus-Glazed Salmon

For the citrus lover that is in you, this sweet and savory Salmon dish is a total pamper to your craving taste buds. This only takes 6 steps to prepare and only requires no more than 7 flavorful ingredients, which preparation ends with garnishing fennel fronds. For the complete ingredients and directions, click here.

Salmon and Brie Breakfast Strata

There is two ways to prepare this recipe; one with the Salmon cold, the one with fish hot-smoked. You could proceed with either of the ways depending on which you prefer. Each offer distinct tastes, and I personally like the hot-smoked version. Here is how to prepare it and the ingredients you will need.

Chilled Salmon with Green Olive Sauce

Here is a super simple Salmon recipe to follow if you are looking for one really quick and easy. Though easy to prepare, it brings very tasteful and elegant flavors you typically would not expect can be brought up in home kitchen. I like the mixture of white wine and fresh lemon juice playing olives and richness of Salmon meat. Click here for the recipe.

There you have the Salmon recipes you can prepare today. Salmon is a versatile fish that you can make unlimited recipes with it – not to mention it is a healthy ingredient for diet and heart-health conscious individuals. Good luck!


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