What Your Body Really Gets When You Eat Mussels

Steam Mussels in White Wine Sauce at Lago Bistro and Bar

So what will your body enjoy when you decide to have a meal with steam Mussels in white wine sauce at Lago Bistro and Bar or any mussels recipe available in a restaurant near you? Yes, this is yet another seafood recipe and it might be cooked and presented to you so simple that you would not think of it as a health-boosting goodness.

Apart from you will instantly enjoy its wonderfully unique taste complemented with a mixture of other ingredients, mussels comes with nutrients and vitamins you would not expect it has enclosed in those fun-looking shells.

Vitamin A

Yes! Mussels can be your source for needed vitamin A. This is great particularly for individuals experiencing vitamin A inadequacy. You would know you are deficient of this vitamin when you have problems with your eyes, skin or immune system. And if you need more red blood cells, this aids in producing new ones.


Another good reason for eating mussels is that it can increase your intake of protein – a nutritional aid known to help your body maintain the function of every cell. Other known functions of protein in your body includes cells shape maintenance by providing structural support, produce useable energy by driving metabolic reactions and ensure cells works together by bridging cellular communication.


Not familiar? That is because this one is rare, but certainly among other minerals your body needs to maintain its health. Selenium is required as support to the functions of protein. For instance, selenoprotiens – a class of enzymes, would need selenium’s presence to regulate its activity. Simply, eating more mussels gives your body more selenium which would then allow the dependent enzymes to perform its range of dues including aiding men’s sperm production, providing muscle function support and regulating thyroid hormone levels.


Some varieties of mussels have Omega-3 in them, which are power oils that are beneficial to and must-haves for your body. Supplementing your body with Omega-3 in combination with other contributing vitamins and minerals can cure or protect it from rheumatoid arthritis and among some asthmatics, cardiovascular inflammation, cardiac death, coronary heart disease, ADHD, diabetes, peripheral disease and pulmonary bacterial colonization among others. Having said that, Omega-3 are surely good oils and you can easily bring that into your system by just enjoying a delicious dish of mussels.


Another element that can be had in some varieties of mussels is Iodine, which contribute to basic metabolism by being a vital part in natural production of thyroid hormones.

These health-boosting benefits can all be had in one small but fully-loaded natural food package. Try any mussels recipe today and be health-boosted, cured and/or protected.


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