5 Delicious Ground Beef Recipes You Want to Try Today

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There is certainly a lot of ways to make a mouthful dish out of the meaty and chunky beef. What’s more, using ground beef in a recipe you want to prepare for your visiting friends or family can help you come up with an even more delightful dish. And if you just can’t think of any ground beef recipe yet, here’s a list of recipes from different places on the web.

Slow Cooker Italian Sausage Meatballs with Chianti Sauce and Fusilli

The description sounded good, right? Well, that is because this recipe is as good as its description. You will obviously need a slow cooker, which will help you achieve that perfectly long-simmered pasta sauce. The red wine and balsamic vinegar are essential to the depth of the sauce. Here’s how you would go about preparing this dish.

Salisbury Steak Meatballs

Here’s another delicious and healthy meatballs recipe. What is more comforting about this dish is that it perfectly marries meatballs with a special egg noodle. You begin with preparing the meatballs by combine the ground beef and seasoned breadcrumbs in a big ol’ bowl. Then, prepare the noodle and sauce. Here’s how to it.

Beef Tamale Pie with Cornmeal Crust

This ground beef recipe is a personal favorite. The looks of it is so enticing you want to eat it the moment you see it. And it is delicious! The secret to preparing this perfectly is to have enough liquid in the filling and the right amount of baking soda in the crust. Also, preparing this with individual baking dishes is a plus. Here’s the ingredients and procedures.

Red Bean Chili

For the many of us who love red bean and, at the same time, spicy dishes, this Red Bean Chili recipe is a delightful fix. You can either go make this with at least 2 pounds of lean ground beef or go for a turkey version of this dish in case you want to explore more of it. Here’s the list of ingredients you need and the preparation to follow for this chili recipe.

Traditional Gyro Meat

You prepare this toothsome recipe by slicing the Greek/Lebanese style meat loaf and serving it with pita bread, tzatziki and tomatoes. The taste is reminiscent of that a Mediterranean food or will make you feel eating in a Mediterranean restaurant. It brings the lamb and beef combo, but you can also try it with the pork and chicken combo. Here’s the ingredients and preparation.


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