Why Pizzas Typically Have Parmesan Cheese as one of the Ingredients


Can pizzas be without the parmesan cheese? Well, the answer is yes; pizzas can go without the favored taste of parmesan cheese. But aside from the how good the type of cheese can tickle every taste buds, there are couple of other reasons why parmesan is present in most, if not all, pizza recipes you can find in any of the pizza houses, joints or restaurants near you.

But I don’t want to bore you reading a very long article, the reason why I filtered the following according to what parmesan can offer your body. So, without further ado, let us proceed to discovering why pizzas have parmesan cheese as one of the ingredients.

Contributes to the aid for vision

Yes, you read that right, and it is because parmesan contains vitamin A – a vitamin known to aid good vision, most particularly when the eyes are needed to see through the dark. There are a lot of things vitamin A can cure or provide aid to. People with enough of it are known to showcase healthy teeth, skin and body tissue. Studies even revealed this vitamin can also serve as treatment for serious health conditions; cancers, HIV and cataracts.

Contributes to the body’s proper growth and development

Unbelievable, is not it? There is a simple explanation as to why this is possible, and it is basically because parmesan is a calcium-rich ingredient. Of course, your body needs to have other elements ready to mix up with calcium in order for it to achieve the necessary bone mass and maintain it once there, which in turn will help it avoid osteoporosis. Other conditions where calcium is known to regulate includes blood clotting, muscle contractions, blood pressure, breast cancer and colon cancer.

Contributes to the body’s repair and maintenance

The main reason for that is parmesan contains protein, too. Your body needs protein which it uses to repair and maintain itself. And just how badly your body needs protein? Let’s just say every cell in your system has protein; skin, glands, organs and muscles. Thus, lack of protein can make you suffer from unwanted conditions. Your body makes use of protein to generate enzymes, hormones and other body-crucial chemicals. Protein also helps make your brain function better, help you get better sleep and helps you recover fast from injury.

Because this extra-hard dairy product, grated and added as a very welcome addition to any pizza flavor, is made from cow’s milk, you get all the benefits it inherited.


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