What Your Body Will Thank You for When You Eat Tostones for Lunch


So you are going out for lunch and saw a lunch special with tostones as the side dish. It looks delicious and it has got a crispy, crunchy look on it that just feels good to have seen it married to a delightful lunch dish you are about to have. You ordered. Then you wonder what your body will actually get after you enjoy the taste and the crunchiness.

There is nothing to worry my friend, there is all the good stuff your body will enjoy from taking and processing tostones – a side dish made of green plantains. And because it is mainly plantain, it inherited all the health-boosting nutrients your body needs. Let’s enumerate them one by one.

Vitamin C

Yes, the vitamin known to support the health of your skin, nerves and digestive system is up for grab in green plantain-made side dish like tostones. And what other things vitamin C can do to your body? Well, there’s a lot, including but are not limited to treatment of common cold symptoms, facilitate healing of wounds, protection against ill effects of stress, improves blood flow, bring down the risk of stroke and heart diseases and helps treat cancer.

Vitamin A

The vitamin that is common in squash, pumpkin and carrots can also be found in plantain. If you simply don’t like the orange vegies mentioned, but you like taste of tostones, then there goes a good way to help your body fill the amount of vitamin A it needs. And guess what, plantains carry more of this vitamin than bananas. Vitamin A helps body reproduction, immunity and cell communication. It is the same thing you need when you have a problem with your vision.


Let’s not forget that plantain belongs to a family of bananas, thus it also has Potassium like the other varieties. Along with sulfur, chloride, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, Potassium is one of the seven essential macrominerals. It’s one of the things your body needs to drop its risk of dying from all causes. Potassium can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of stroke and formation of kidney stones and keeps muscle mass in check.


Did you know that your body needs up to 38 grams of fiber if you are a man and up to 25 if you’re a woman? That’s a bodily requirement you need to keep up with to maintain a good health. Enough fiber makes up for an efficient digestive system. You need fiber to avoid constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticular diseases.

And many others

Vitamin K, folate, magnesium, iron and calcium can also be found in plantains, though only in small amounts. Regardless there amounts though, it is still good to have them all in a delicious, crispy package like the tostones, right?


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