Ways to Make Your Wife / Mom Feel Special and Loved this Mother’s Days


There is certainly a lot of ways to appreciate a mother’s involvement in what you have become, or a wife’s contribution or sacrifices to make your marriage life work out leading to both of you living it up easy and happy. And while there should not be an exact date when to say thank you to your wife or mom to make her feel appreciated in all the selfless things she did, if you are not that expressive of a person, perhaps this coming Mother’s day would be the perfect day to round up what you have to say to her.

And if you think a simple utter of the words “Thank you” won’t cut it, then accompany your message with these heartening gestures that I am sure will get the message through even without you saying.

Give her a card

I suggest to skip the readymade ones and opt for something you did yourself from scratch in whatever creative ways you know. Doing so will add a deeper touch to a genuine effort and it will surely make her feel good especially knowing that you took the hassle just to come up with a special card for her.

Give her a gift

This might sound a thing that must only be done on birthdays, but no. It is certainly a valid way to let someone know you appreciated what they are offered you. You probably has a good idea of her likes, wants or needs. If not, then try asking casual questions that will give you enough hints as to what would be a perfect present for her day.

Bring her out

What I mean by this is to bring her out to place where she can enjoy the most, or somewhere she’s been dying to go to. If she’s been longing to try to sail in a yacht, and it’s something you can afford; why not? Probably she likes to spend a day in an amusement park where everybody can feel young again; why not? If not a single place she’d hinted she wanted to visit, then try some questioning meant to give you clues to where that perfect place to bring her out be.

Cook for her

If you have the ability to come up with a delightful dish, why not make use of it as a way to thank your mom and/or wife. If you want a little challenge, you can opt something you have not cook before, but that she’s long been wanting to eat. Can’t or don’t know how to cook? No worries. Whatever dish you come up with, knowing you don’t have the cooking skills in you, will surely send your thank you message straight to her heart. You can always refer to a cookbook for the ingredients, preparation and cooking procedures.

Don’t have the time to do any of the suggestions above for her? We all have priorities that most of the time go in conflict with the kind gestures we thought of doing for someone we love and appreciate. That’s one of the reasons why restaurants, like Lago Mediterranean and Latin Fusion Restaurant and Bar, offer Mother’s Day Specials so you can just bring your mom and/or wife to a delightful lunch or dinner on her special day. It saves you time preparing and allows you more time for a sincere and heart-felt conversation with her.

Got ideas on ways to make her feel special not mentioned above? Share it via the comment section below.


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