The Little Known Uses of the Well-Recognized Bacardi Rum


You probably have heard of one of Bacardi Limited’s trademarks, the Bacardi Rum, as a unique rum best and recommended added in cocktail recipes. But what you may not know is that this rum is not just a perfect supplement to interesting cocktail combo drinks. It can also serve as a welcome addition to any recipe you want to have a twist with. Let’s take a look at some of the recipes that went from good to great with the addition of white Bacardi Rum.

Bacardi Rum Cake

Yes, you can definitely make a cake with rum in it and Bacardi Rum Cake is an exciting example of it. You begin with making the cake the usually way. Where it gets interesting is when you prepare the glaze to brush all over the cakes. You make the glaze by melting butter in saucepan, stirring in water and sugar, boiling it for 5 minutes while stirring constantly, and stirring in the rum with the mixture already out from heat. Here’s the complete process.

Bacardi and Beef

You like beef? You can marry it with Bacardi Rum, too. The Bacardi and Beef recipe is a good example of the combo which brings in a flavorful beef dish to the table. You begin with heating up butter, sautéing onions until golden before adding mushrooms, letting it cook for 5 minutes and setting them aside. Proceed to cooking beef cubes until brown. Then add beef stock, rum and sherry to pan and stirring until the browned bits are loosen. For the complete ingredients and cooking process, click here.

Grilled Pork with Mango and Rum Sauce

If the name of the recipe sounded delicious to you that’s because the thought of rum finding its way to supplement pork is just mouth-watering. Add mango to the idea and you have a recipe worth all the hassle preparing. You begin with combining jerk seasoning, lime juice and oil in medium bowl. Cut pork and add to spice mixture. Cut mangoes into desirable cube size. Cook the pork with mangoes and set aside. Then you go about combining sugar, rum, butter and kosher salt and drizzling the mixture over pork and mangoes. Here’s how to do it as well as the ingredients.

The new lunch and dinner cantina menu at Lago Mediterranean and Latin Fusion Restaurant and Bar includes a favorite fried chicken wings tossed in white Bacardi Rum, guava, coconut cream and balsamic. You should try it out.


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