5 Body Nourishing Advantages for Having Chicken in Your Diet


So what does it do to your body when you choose to eat more of the chicken dishes you can find?

Aside from the fact that chicken recipes are visual appetizing and undeniably delicious, they do more than how they look and taste. Let’s take a look at how exactly eating chicken would nourishing your body without you even realizing.

Supports healthy body weight

Nah, I didn’t you have a weight problem, or only eat chicken when you do. However, if you have been searching for an impressive source of lean, low fat protein, order yourself a delicious chicken dish. This bird packs high protein which helps muscle growth and development. What’s more, it helps regulate a healthy body weight. And if you are weight conscious, eating chicken would aid weight loss.

Offers a comforting feeling

How is that possible? Well, that is because chicken is good source of tryptophan, a type of amino acid, and it has high amount of this. It is one of the reasons why that chicken soup you enjoy gives you that feeling of comfort. Thus, it is a natural anti-depressant, and eating more of this bird increases the serotonin levels in your brain, which you need if you are feeling depressed as it enhances your mood, demolish stress, and calm you to a good night sleep.

Helps you avoid osteoporosis or arthritis

Did you need to avoid osteoporosis or arthritis? Or, did you not want to have this unwanted ailments in the future? Then you better have more chicken in your diet as it helps in preventing bone less. Eating chicken, especially when you are about to enter your senior years and worried of acquiring the mentioned ailments, adds more protein to your system which will help in your fight against bone loss.

Chicken breast suppresses homocysteine

If you are worried about the health of your heart, you can find help in eating chicken, too, especially the breast part of it. Thanks to its ability to suppress and control the homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is another type of amino acid which when its level is high in your body could make you unintentionally have cardiovascular disease.

Metabolic performance is supported, too

Selenium is one essential mineral abundant in chicken that offers active support to metabolic performance. Your thyroid, hormone, metabolism and immune function needs this mineral as one of the needed boosts.

Vitamin B6, also recognized as the B-complex vitamins, is another metabolism booster that can be found in chicken known to promote enzymes and metabolic cellular reactions. That is to say if you need to keep your blood vessels healthy, metabolism burning calories and energy levels high, you should eat chicken.

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