How to Dine Like a Pro in Doral, Florida

So you want to look good when eating out in one of the city’s pride fine dining restaurants. No worries! You will only have to remember a couple of things to ensure you head back home proud that you had dine like a pro in Doral.

Respect turning tables

This first rule does not only apply to dining in Doral, but to any city you will be interested eating out. What this really means is that don’t stay long enough on your table, especially when you are already done with your food. There is a good reason for doing this and that is allowing the restaurant to accommodate more of the waiting guests. While most restaurants would allow you to leisure time, it would be kind of you to consider those in the waiting list and not risk the restaurant of losing business. Restaurants, in order to meet their margins, rely on turning tables.

Don’t breach etiquette

There are unusual things you do that are tolerable when dining out in restaurants where it’s okay to be as casual as you can be. However, when you are headed for a premium dining experience, some of the unnecessary things you are accustomed to doing while dining are expected not to take place or else you will be drawing unwanted stares. And these are the kind of stares that would make you feel uncomfortable.

Let us take a cellphone for example. In this digital era we live in, most, if not all, of us sometimes could not resist tinkering our cellphone while doing something else, even while dining. When dining in a fine restaurant, avoiding the use of your phone while eating makes you look respectable and conforming to etiquettes. Conversely, checking your phone from time to time, even worse putting it atop the table beside your plate, would make you look disrespectful and unprofessional. So unless it is really necessary, and you’re completely okay with the uncomforting stares, keep it in your pocket.

Be on time

There is a good explanation as to why being late in the perspective of dining out can only cause you the disadvantage. One of the restaurants’ standard policies is to give your table away a quarter hour passed should you not show up on-time and without notice of being late. If you can’t be on time, be sure to notify the restaurant you have made a reservation with.

There are certainly a lot of things you can do to make yourself look pro at dining, but the three listed above are the mostly overlooked things. And by the way, don’t forget to leave a tip for your server, especially when you’ve been served the best way.


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