Factors to Consider When Deciding for a Kids Party Menu


I understand that the party food is perhaps one of the hardest things to decide about when it comes to preparing for a party, especially for kids. As parents, we want only the best selection there is to warrant a memorable party experience not only for our child, but also for the kids who will be riding the party. Not to worry, especially that you need all your energy to facilitate the party, as deciding and perfecting the party menu only takes a couple of factors to consider, not to mention kids usually are up to the fun and play more than eating.

Time of day

The first thing that will help you determine the appropriate food for the party is, of course, by looking at the time of day the kids party will carry. Why? Because there are foods inappropriate to be served during lunch time. And what foods fit the lunch time may not go well for dinner time. Or you may be planning a party in a time slot where good selection of snacks will do. So, is the party going to be around 10:00 am to 3:00 pm? Then focus on the types of foods that feel good when eaten during noon time.

The number of kids

You don’t want put yourself thinking about how to handle huge amount of leftovers after the party. Trust me, you will feel bad throwing those foods no one would want to bring home. And so you want to know the number of kids who will be attending your kids party and choose the types of foods you can prepare having the number in mind. Some recipes are hard to measure against a specific head count.

The parents

And by the way, are the parents invited to stay at the party, too? If so, don’t forget to include and consider their head count. And while parents are usually okay to eat the same food you have for the kids, it would be best to have foods specifically for them, too.

Check for allergies

So you probably have a long list of choices, but what can possibly cut it down to half be the concern for allergies of the little guests. Check with their parents if their little ones do have food they can’t eat due to allergic reaction. Doing this allows for a well-catered children’s party. Besides, you don’t want to be in trouble with other parents just because you made their kids eat food they should not have.

Check your young’s choice

If you want to make your child a little more special on his/her party, then ask for his/her choice of food and drinks. It is not just the choice being followed that make him/her special though, it is the involvement. Allowing him/her to get involve in the party decision making and organizing makes him/her special.

Simplicity helps

You can actually make the entire process a lot less time and thought consuming. How? Well, by following a simple menu. As mentioned, kids would mostly be there for the fun and play. The eating part is just like a bonus or complement to the experience. But being simple with the menu doesn’t mean compromising food enjoyment though. Remember, kids love sweet treats and savory food, and there are a variety of these recipes that are easy to prepare.


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