Things You Can Do to Make Your Dad Feel Special this coming Father’s Day


Make your dad feel loved and appreciated for the things he had done and contributed to your being this up and coming third Sunday of June. This would be the perfect day to make him feel special, especially when making him feel that way isn’t typical is not the usual. For ideas on how to do so, I’ve got a couple of things you can to make him feel thanked for on his day.

Sports items or outing

Is your dad sporty or have a favorite sport? If so, why not buy him a gift based on the sport he favored or is actively playing. For instance, if dad loves basketball and his favorite player in the NBA is Lebron James, then a ball with James’ signature would be a perfect one to give him. The hassle you have to go through to acquire the sign would make the gift even special. Or, if you can bring dad out to watch an NBA game of his favorite team live, that would work, too. And finally, if he can still dribble and make shots, then why not play 1 on 1 basketball together.

Clothes or accessories shopping

Some dads love shopping for clothes. If your dad is one in this group, then you know what to do already. The value of the item you’ll buy for him doesn’t matter really, but if you can spend some more, grab him clothes of some luxury brands he can show off his friends. Dads love to brag about what their sons and daughters gave them. And by the way, don’t forget spark the conversation while shopping. It’s a way for you check on your dad’s life and tell him what you’ve been up to lately while doing something else.

Outdoor cooking

This is one of my favorite things to do with mom and dad. The reason being is that it is a good way to relax and have fun with them. So, why not do cook with him in the yard this Father’s Day. For sure it will bring up a lot of good memories as you progress with the activity. Cook some delicious recipes and get the best wine ready for the more thorough lookback of your struggles and successes as a family.

Dining Out

No space to cook outdoor? You can invite him for a dinner in a restaurant both of you haven’t tried but that have good reviews from patrons instead. I suggest you choose the one with both a unique feature and delicious dishes. For instance, in Doral in South Florida, you can enjoy both delightful dishes and a picturesque view of a lake at Lago Bistro and Bar Restaurant Mediterranean and Latin Fusion.


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