Things You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer


Before they make a sad face on you and tell you how bored they are, make the first best moves to keep your kids physically and mentally active this summer. Here are some great ideas to keep the family bond strong and the kids enjoy summer.

Play ball games

Even if you don’t know how to play any ball game, try any and learn with them. Besides you can opt to only play the basics on this one, especially when you are dealing with a very young one. I mean, you can play toss it ball game where a towel is held between you and the kids and together make the towel toss a lightweight ball as high as you guys can. Set a reward for a particular count the ball is thrown up high with the towel before it hits the ground. Of course, any ball game is recommended to be played outside the house so to avoid unintentionally breaking things inside the house.

Play video games

Either you buy them a new video game to play, so they have something new to try and learn about, or make the effort to show them that you are interested to learn how to play the video games they are playing. For sure, having them as the instructor would make them more than want to showcase their knowledge, which is also a perfect time for you to tell if the games your kids are playing are right for them. You know, as parents, we need more details that what’s on the box.

Visit a museum

Depending on your kids’ interest, the museum idea might not be as interesting as the others. But there are things you can do to make this knowledge hub a fun place for the little ones. The first, trigger their curiosity, especially on topics they’ve already asked you about, but that needs more, visual, explanation. Two, the question and reward game. You ask them questions that can only be answered when they visit a museum. Third, the detective game. Make them solve a mystery by exploring a particular museum.

Teach them cooking

Noticed you kids’ interest in food preparation? Why not make their summer fun and educational at the same them by setting up several cooking sessions with them at home. For sure, they would want to know how their favorite chicken recipe is made perfect and delicious in the kitchen. Challenge them to come up with their own version of a particular recipe after you showed them how it’s done. Or you may cook as a team, giving each head a particular task in the process.

Have a pool party

The idea of splashing in the water will surely activate all your kids’ senses. It can also be the best time to teach them the right way to swim. If you don’t have a pool at home to do this, plan for the nearest public pool where delicious foods are also available. Like, if you are in Doral in South Florida, you can take advantage of Lago Mediterranean and Latin Fusion Restaurant and Bar’s Summer Weekend Pool Party special for kids and parents. Swimming is one of the best ways to get the kids active and happy all the way, and it’s a great bonding moment, too, so I don’t see why you won’t be planning for such a fun activity this summer.


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