What Makes for a Great Happy Hour Experience?


Happy Hour is meant to be a relaxing, enjoyable and fun activity for anyone who wants to experience it. However, there are things that when overlooked by initial impression could lead to a happy gone mad hour memory. Let’s take a look at each of them and how you could possibly avoid the hassle.


Before you ever take your seat for a couple of hours stay, consider looking around and feeling things around the place. And then, ask yourself the following questions, which each should have a guaranteed yes as the answer.
•    Do you think the place is for you?
•    Would you feel comfortable in the place judging from the way it appears to you?
•    Does the surrounding compare to a blue or white collar accommodation option?
•    Does the lighting suit your vision?
•    Does the setup of things in the place look nice or organized in a way that allows you to move freely?
•    Does the music fit the mood you want to be in?

You could add any other qualifying question. But the point here is that the venue where the happy hour happens should be the place that best fits you and your buddies mood requirement.


Moving on to the next factor we observe the service. You know it’s not going to be a great stay when the staff servicing you does not have the enthusiasm to make you and your friends feel most welcome. Telltale signs that the service is not into helping you get the experience you wanted include but are not limited to lack of attention, unable to make sincere eye contact, rude and cause you to spend more by keeping the specials unknown.


You basically need food to slow down your alcohol intake and put the consumption to a manageable level, so you are still at your capable self by the time the drinking is done. But you don’t just need any food. You need something the complements greatly the drinks that are made available during the happy hour, so ask yourself the following:
•    Do they offer food options during happy hour?
•    If they do, do the options are something you like munching before/while/after drinking?
•    Is it something you can afford

You may have other qualifying questions, so feel free to extend the list.


Start off by asking the bartender for the availability of drinks you most prefer. Happy Hour typically has specials on drinks, so ask about it too if you are not directly being offered about it or if the restaurant fails to make it known by posters and flyers. Having the option to take advantage of drink specials and discounts allow you to save some cash for the other must-have things like food.


Aside from looking around the place to see how the things are setup and organized, notice also the people that’s already in there. Are they the type you want to be in the same place with. You might prefer to hang around with random older people than those in their 20s. You can neglect the idea if it does not matter to you, but if it is, be sure to have a quick look and feel.


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