Pool Party: 4 Easy Ways You Can Do To Make the Fun-Filled Activity Secure for Everybody


There is not an engaging activity for kids and parents that can beat the heat, but a pool party. But with pool accidents happening every now and then, it is the host’s best interest to keep everything checked and accounted for while enjoying the fun and active moment. Here are four things your pool party should have or be doing to avoid most, if not all, of the possible consequences.

Appropriate games

This one is very easy to control or put in moderation. The key thing to remember is to divide all the games you are planning of having according to the age of the participants. All games meant to be played by the adults in attendance, should not have any young one participating. And all games to be played by the young ones should be carefully thought and check against safety measures.

Accessible safety equipment

Critical equipment in case of emergency should be within reach. Most accidents lead to death only because of the lack of life saving tools available the moment accidents occur. As for the necessary safety tools to have beside the pool, American Red Cross strongly suggest that you have poles, ropes and flotation devices. It’s also wise to program some emergency numbers on a cordless phone that would not lose reception.

Checklist and notes for guests

Inappropriate behaviors are usually the cause of unwanted accidents, not just sending the hosts off to a party dilemma. One way to gain control of the behaviors firsthand is to create a checklist and notes of the do’s and don’ts pre-, during, and post-party. For instance, if the guests should bring their own personal supplies, like snacks, water bottles, goggles, sunscreen, towels, etc., you should let them know about it. If they need to come in their swimwear, it must be clear in the invitation. Managing your guests and allowing them to prepare against a checklist and notes you made would reduce discomfort and unnecessary movements that might lead to accidents.

Relentless adult supervision

As important as acting fast enough on unwanted events during the party, every adult present should be reminded to take part in a relentless supervision not only with the minors they come with, but to every little ones in the party. Much better if the adults are aware of a series of actions or coordination to be done the moment the emergency strikes. For instance, instead of all racing to attend to the victim, one can make the call, another grab a tool, and someone is ready to do CPR if necessary. It’s also important to have someone in the group who’s a very good swimmer.


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