How to Have a Business Meeting That is Worth Every Attendee’s Time


There are things you can do with the way you have your business meeting that will make everyone as attentive and comfortable as possible.

Plan ahead

Any form of meeting should be preceded with a plan. This is to ensure that you have control over what’s going to happen. The purpose of the meeting, for instance. You should have a clear idea of what it’s going to be and the people that’s going or expected to be there.

Set goals

To be able to tell if a meeting is successful or not, you must have set goals to check the outcome of the meeting against. Goals also facilitate the achievement of the meeting’s overall purpose. Set specific goals.

Set agenda

The purpose of setting the agenda is to aid expectations between the host and the attendees. With agenda, everyone will know of all the important information in advance, thus setting up the direction for everyone in attendance. The ideal agenda is something that covers the necessary facts, the order of events and a plan of action.

Be polite

Do this through and through. Spend a minute to greet and welcome everyone. You don’t want anyone to feel bad about joining the meeting. The way you handle their presence sets their mood throughout. Make them settled by providing what they need for the meeting and reminders on what you expect them to do.

Lead all the way

Show everyone that you are in control and have the best idea of why the meeting is taking place. Showcasing a strong command of everything in the meeting makes everybody attentive and keeps everything on track. Cover all in the agenda and answer questions raised by the participants.

Be different

Now, here’s a little bit of a twist. Business meetings are usually conducted inside the office’s conference or board room. If that feels too usually and make everyone bored and inattentive, why not have the meeting outdoors. For example, in Doral, you could have a business meeting in Lago’s cozy outdoor seating complemented by a picturesque view of a lake. This might be the only twist you need to hit perfect attendance and have a meeting that’s worth everyone’s time.


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