Key Things to Watch out For When Choosing an Event Location


It’s not just about how attractive the place is. There are other things you need to consider when selecting a location to hold your event at. Here are 5 of them.

Wi-Fi Access

This may not come as a requirement to make your event successful. But for the attendees to be able to tweet or make Facebook update about their appearances, things they do, or how satisfied/happy they are is convenience, free publicity and a way for you to make your event known to everyone. Check if the location has free Wi-Fi access.

Parking Space

Now this one is a requirement, particularly if the participants are going to bring their cars. And you need not just a parking space that can support a few, but a space that can park more than the number of cars you expect your participants will bring. Some locations have parking spaces, but with a fee. Some offer them free, which is really great if the location you’re aiming for offers this as one of the benefits.

Head Count

In conjunction with the parking space support, you also have to make sure that the number of heads that is going to be present in your event can be covered by the location. This is particularly a necessary check if your event is going to accommodate more than 10 people, in which case you really need a place that can’t only cover the heads, but that allows everyone to move comfortably as well.


You probably need a space that supports indoor seating arrangement. Or, perhaps a comfortable outdoor seating. Regardless, the location should allow for a customizable seating assembly, and should have enough room for extra appearances.


This one is a deal breaker. No matter a location is loaded with all the benefits your event can have, but fails greatly on the service department, it’s going to make the occasion subpar. One of the key factors that ultimately contributes to the success of the event is the participants’ satisfaction, and one of the things that directly affects that is the service that comes with the location. Be sure you’ve done your research. Read reviews about the location online. Don’t hesitate to ask people for their experience or opinion about the location you want.


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