Memorable Bachelorette Party: Important Things to Keep in Mind


A bachelorette party is one that should me a memorable event for the bride to be. Bridesmaids and other attendees, too, can benefit from it if the occasion is carried out perfectly. Here are important things to keep in mind to make the celebration a significant to everyone, most especially the bride.

Preparation is key

Like in everything we do, preparation is key. Be sure that you have everything planned. If planning is something on your weak side, asking for help from a party planner would not hurt. But the thing to remember in the preparation really is to list down and get anything that is needed and organize what’s going to happen.

Fun Games

To make the party as fun as possible, plan some fun games that everyone can participate in. Fun games usually kick the moment to a high gear if it is not already. It’s an ice breaker for any bugging dull moment during the celebration.

Unique favors

Skip the traditional favors and go for something that’s unusual, but interesting enough to be had and remembered. Remember not to sway the favors out of relevance to what’s being celebrated though. Most importantly, if you can make it highly relevant to the bride, but unique at the same time would be great.


Your invitation can be simple, most importantly when you have a limited budget to get fancy with it, for as long as it serves what it is intended for – the necessary information the invited ones should know beforehand. Fix your guest list and make sure everyone gets their invitation ahead of time.

Venue matters

Yes, venue matters a lot, and so as the time and date. You can stay traditional with this one by having the home of the bride as the venue, or try something different, like having the party in a beautiful par, in a high-end bar, or in a top-rated restaurant. Ideally, the venue should not be that far from where all the guests and the bride live. If you all live close to Doral, Lago Bistro and Bar could be an option for the alfresco lakeside dining experience they can offer.

A month ahead

Now, here is one of the things to remember. Unless requested by the bride or adjusted by priorities leading up to the wedding day, the bachelorette party should happen a month before the wedding.

It’s about the bride

And last and the most important thing to remember is that the party you are going to have is all about the bride. Thus, every detail of the party should be centered towards the bride’s personal requests and wishes.


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