Wedding Guide: Questions that can help find the Best Venue


In the move to find the best venue for your wedding? Don’t be fooled by the seemingly good options you already have or will be having. Expose the best out of all the venues you have on the list by asking these fact-revealing questions.


The first question that will surely make a cut on your list is the availability of each venue on your wedding day. Of course, a venue so good wouldn’t matter if you can’t use it on the day of your marriage. Knowing the availability by calling to confirm beforehand also saves you the time from visiting for actual inspection.

Time of access

Is your wedding going to take place in the break of dawn? Morning? Afternoon? Or, perhaps when the sun sets? Regardless, you have to ask whether the venue has restriction in regard to the time of access, thus ask if you can use it on your preferred wedding time.

Guess support

Let’s not forget about those who are expected to be in your wedding – the guests and sponsors. Now, is the venue able to support or accommodate all of them? Does the venue have the right and comfortable space and seating for all the guests you will be having?

Audio / Video support

Somebody might have prepared a little visual presentation for the bride and groom to be, if not them to one another. In any case, the venue should have a functioning audio and video support, so ask if they have them.

Wedding materials

Some venues have them free to use, some just don’t provide them. So, ask if they have wedding materials you can use, like a wedding cake stand or anything that might be useful on your wedding day, but you don’t have the time or extra budget to acquire.

Catering service

Different venues offer different types of services. Some just offer only venue rental, while others can extend their service to helping you plan and even cater the wedding itself. So, ask whether the venue you are looking at also offers a catering service. This is particularly handy since you don’t have to hire another group of people to do other things on your wedding day.

Food options

In case the venue management also offers a catering service, ask for the food options and what the service can only support. They probably have limitations you want to know beforehand. Or, the food options might not be something you dreamed of having on the day of you are tying the knot.


In case of the unwanted events of nature, like rain or uneasy blows of wind, the venue should have, in some way, the capacity to protect everyone, especially if it is a wedding in the open.

Mode of payment

They probably prefer a way of payment you are not capable of doing. Though most, if not all, venues do offer options when it comes to paying them, it’s still advisable to know beforehand to avoid the hassle.


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