How to Get and Enjoy the Best out of Restaurants


So you want to get the best out of the next restaurant you want to visit and probably save some cash at the same time. Well, you can actually do a couple of things to achieve that. Let’s go through each them.

Consider online services

The one good reason on why you want to consider online services, like OpenTable, to help you decide on your next dining destination is that they are good at finding the best deals out of the restaurants in their radar, which will expose you to the best offers and awesome discounts. Some of these services even compare your options side by side, allowing you to see where you could save more cash on food and drinks of your choice.

Avoid coming in too hungry

Remember the advice not to go grocery shopping when you are starving? That golden recommendation for shoppers is also applicable to dinners and you are about to understand why. It turns out that it is a mistake to come in ravenous as it will make you overspend by over-ordering food. When hungry, you also tend eat faster than normal which lessens the time to actually enjoy the food on your table. Having a small snack before heading over to the restaurant is one way to avoid coming in hungry.

Watch out for the vodka order pattern

Going for the vodka? Here is a killer tip if you don’t want to end up with a busted wallet – avoid the pattern of limited choices. Typically, when you order vodka, a waiter would usually provide two options, Grey Goose or Belvedere, as if you don’t know the house pour exists. Considering what’s in the well would lower you bill, but ultimate allow you to enjoy a perfectly find vodka mix.

Go beyond the list

Sometimes, it pays to check what is beyond the menu list. You could ask the counter for anything great that is not listed in the menu. Some restaurants do have secret meals which are only for the diners who dare or are curious enough to ask.

Control the tip

Having control of the tipping part allows you to save money for your next meal, so tip according to the service provided, not based on what the receipt is suggesting or the restaurant is recommending. Also, be aware of the overly good and smiling servers. Diners who have fallen into this trap are prone to maxing out the tip. But when it felt really appropriate, a very generous tip would be fine.


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