Things about Grilling Burger That You Want To Do Right


So you too is fond of eating burger and grilling your own makes you even more satisfied savoring it. There is nothing really wrong about grilling your own burger and adding your personal touches to the process, but when you are not sure of what to do to end up with the tastiest burger you can make that is when the following burger grilling tips could be of help.


To ensure that you get a deliciously cooked burger at the end of the grilling process, choose the right meat. There are a couple of things to remind yourself in choosing meat for your burger; 1. Expensive does not always translates to best. 2. Choose meat that has around 20% fat as it is the secret to attaining juicy patties. 3. Avoid sirloin. This type of meat easily dries out in the grill.


Make sure to season your meat just right. Keep in mind that you are grilling a burger, not anything else. Thus, concentrate your seasoning to how a perfect burger should taste like or how you envision your burger to look and taste like. Doing this allows you to skip the unnecessary steps in the seasoning part of the process. Also, don’t forget that patties have two sides. Season both and grill evenly.


While waiting for your burger to cook, it is important that you have all the patience to wait. Simply, endlessly checking the patties while cooking not only possibly damage them throughout the process, but may also make them unevenly cooked. So the best thing to do is to apply some patience and limit the checks. Each side of the burger usually cook in 6 minutes.


When the burger is cooked, remember to keep things simple from then onwards. A combination of 2 condiments and 3 toppings would be enough. Anything less or more than that would be less appetizing. What is to keep in mind is that the most important part of the burger is the patty. Let it carry the experience and not be overwhelmed by any unnecessary add-ons.


Like choosing the right type of meat, it is also important that you choose the right type of buns to complete the burger. Some buns may overwhelm the patties, while others lack the needed supplement. Thus, it is crucial that you know exactly the taste you are going for so you end up choosing the right buns. Ideally, buns for burgers should be soft, simple and match the size of the patties.


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