The Critical Mistakes You Can Make When Selecting Wines for an Event


Different types of events need different kinds of wines. There are four critical mistakes that when overlooked or not given attention to would be mistaken as a good deed and create unwanted trouble when choosing wines for an event. Don’t fall onto these oversights and make the right decision.

Not knowing the head count

Particularly when you are working on a tight budget, it is important that you know the possible number of heads that will consume wine, so you know minimum number of bottles needed to cover and satisfy everyone in the event. As a rule of thumb, 1 bottle of wine is usually enough for 3 to 4 people, though the ratio between wine and head vary and depend on the type of event and audience. It is also wise to ask if your wine merchant offers return or sell in case of unconsumed bottles of wine after the event.

Not knowing the budget in advance

As important as choosing the price range you want to work with, you need to know the budget you will be working with as well. Having the budget you are only allowed in mind as well as the price range, it will in effect narrow down your choices, thus giving you the sense of what you cannot and can afford. Though remember that the event you are selecting the wines for may need variations as the occasion moves forward.

Not considering the food choice

One that will play as the important factor in selecting wines is the food the event will be having. Here you want to be watchful of the food and wine match up. As a rule of thumb, your key to doing it right is to match flavor intensity. Also, be aware of wine choices that are to be drunk on its own, like Chenin Blanc and Pinot Grigio. Another key thing to remember, particularly when wines are to be taken with food, is that red wines go with red meat and white wines go with white meats.

Randomly selecting wines

No, you can’t just randomly select wines. There is some sort of matching you need to observe to get the combination right and asking for help if you’re not sure about how the matching should go would be key. Typically, it’s a combo of one red, one white and a crisp Prosecco.

There you have the mistakes to avoid. To do it right, know the head count as well as the budget beforehand. Then, look at the choice of food and use that information to select the right wines. Lastly, never be too shy to ask for help whenever you found yourself confused or unsure.


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