How to Get and Enjoy the Best out of Restaurants


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Where to Enjoy Great Tasting BBQs on the 4th of July in South Florida


Here comes the day when American will celebrate independence. You thought that it’s the perfect time to enjoy BBQs with family, relatives and friends; however you remember that you will be attending to something important on the 4th, allowing you not enough time to prepare for the feast. Then, you thought of inviting/bringing everyone to a relaxing restaurant with the best of BBQs, but you have not a single clue where would that be in South Florida. I got you covered. I have here a couple of options for you to choose from.
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Fine Dining Restaurants with free Wi-Fi in Doral, Florida


You are hungry and you are looking for places to eat in Doral, but you can’t afford to be disconnected from the virtual world for whatever personal/work-related reasons, so you basically need to go to a dining place where there is free internet connection. I understand you and you are about to find out where.

I actually found myself asking this question last week, but thankfully my search did not take long. I am quite impressed with the options I came up though, so I thought of compiling what I found from different points of Doral and have them all a single blog post.
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Places to Celebrate Mother’s Day in South Florida

Being a mother is like dealing with the toughest job in the world. In order to be qualified for the position only the toughest can keep up with and survive, you need to have all the necessary qualities and skills in upbringing little ones to good fate, that is why it is just right to reward our all-time heroines from time-to-time, especially on Mother’s Day.

If you’re a loving and caring husband, son or daughter, you probably are wondering already where you could possibly bring and treat the ultimate woman in your life. For those of you living in South Florida, here is a list of great places to treat your mother or wife.
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Some of the Favorite Food Take Out Options in South Florida

take out restaurant in doral

I consider myself as one of the busy guys who, most of the time, can’t spend even a minute to fix a nice breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner for myself or for the guys I am with at home during working days no matter how I want to do it for myself and for others. This makes me appreciate the existence of food delivery and take out services by my favorite restaurants. Being able to order food over a phone call or take out some is just so handy every time and is always one of my ways to surviving a busy life.

If you’re like me, living a busy life in South Florida, and you need a list of food delivery and take out restaurant options, here’s what I have for each interesting cuisine. Continue reading

Romantic Miami Eat and Drink Recommendations

There are so many things to love and like about the dynamic city of Miami. Besides stunning attractions, foods offered by different enthralling restaurants are sure to capture your heart and full your stomach. But some of the food destinations here are well-aware of their patrons, making customizations that fit perfectly a specific group of customers’ need. In this regard, below are restaurants ideal for a visually stunning, romantic dining experience in and around Miami.

Charlie’s Bistro and Bar –

This restaurant is new and is located near the Miami airport. Their name may not suggest what they offer, but I am telling you that they provide the best alfresco lakeside dining experience in Costa Del Sol Boulevard. Visitors can enjoy outdoor seats facing a stunning view of a lake with top of the line dishes.

Prime 112 –

Talking about a steak-house concept taken to the next level, Prime One Twelve is up for that, and they are located at 112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. So, if you are heading to Pier Park or to Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park, you know there is a gourmet steak fare packed restaurant in a corner.

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink –

For a food house that is passionate about everything to do with food, Michael’s is the name. Their menu changes daily for a unique and delicious day-to-day experience, which is perfect for food-tripping lovers. They are the finest you can find around 130 NE 40th Street.

Palme d’Or –

For lovers in a hunt for a taste of France, the Biltmore’s signature restaurant, Palme d’Or, brings it to Coral Gables with plates ranging from simple, yet sublime to expertly exotic. And I honestly think this is the best French-inspired romantic treat for couples heading to Biltmore along Anastasia Avenue.


Miami is famous for its overwhelming collection of Latin flavor restaurants, and one of which is OLA – a Nuevo Latino restaurant on South Beach. Their dining room is exquisite, and their foods are very-well presented in creatively prepared plates, not to mention the main bar which is a host of hard-to-find wines.

Barton G –

For couples looking for a fun fine dining experience, Barton G is the name to remember. Located at 1427 West Avenue, this restaurant is home to creative fare and over-the-top presentations. They make each meal an experience, fulfilling the senses with tempting aromas.

Hakkasan –

For Asian-inspired cuisine, the premium Hakkasan Miami restaurant located at the ultra-chic Fontainebleau Hotel and Resort in Miami Beach is ideal for both indulging in delightful dishes and romantic dining. It features an ambience in haute Chinois design, carved teak walls and turquoise hues in its dining area, bar and lounge.

Joe’s Stone Crab –

Of course, this list of recommendations is not complete without a seafood option, which makes Joe’s Stone Crab a good mention. For couples looking for the most well-known seafood joint in Miami, Joe’s is the place to go. Located at 11 Washington Avenue, Joe’s is proudly celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.