Things about Grilling Burger That You Want To Do Right


So you too is fond of eating burger and grilling your own makes you even more satisfied savoring it. There is nothing really wrong about grilling your own burger and adding your personal touches to the process, but when you are not sure of what to do to end up with the tastiest burger you can make that is when the following burger grilling tips could be of help.
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What Makes Everyone Choose Burgers over the Other Delicious Treats?


Out of the many dishes that can be ordered in a restaurant or that can be cooked at home, why burger? There are good reasons why people are so motivated to choosing a burger dish for either breakfast, lunch or dinner over the other equally tasteful recipes. Let’s go through each of them and understand why.
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The Little Known Uses of the Well-Recognized Bacardi Rum


You probably have heard of one of Bacardi Limited’s trademarks, the Bacardi Rum, as a unique rum best and recommended added in cocktail recipes. But what you may not know is that this rum is not just a perfect supplement to interesting cocktail combo drinks. It can also serve as a welcome addition to any recipe you want to have a twist with. Let’s take a look at some of the recipes that went from good to great with the addition of white Bacardi Rum. Continue reading

What Your Body Will Thank You for When You Eat Tostones for Lunch


So you are going out for lunch and saw a lunch special with tostones as the side dish. It looks delicious and it has got a crispy, crunchy look on it that just feels good to have seen it married to a delightful lunch dish you are about to have. You ordered. Then you wonder what your body will actually get after you enjoy the taste and the crunchiness.

There is nothing to worry my friend, there is all the good stuff your body will enjoy from taking and processing tostones – a side dish made of green plantains. And because it is mainly plantain, it inherited all the health-boosting nutrients your body needs. Let’s enumerate them one by one. Continue reading

Why Pizzas Typically Have Parmesan Cheese as one of the Ingredients


Can pizzas be without the parmesan cheese? Well, the answer is yes; pizzas can go without the favored taste of parmesan cheese. But aside from the how good the type of cheese can tickle every taste buds, there are couple of other reasons why parmesan is present in most, if not all, pizza recipes you can find in any of the pizza houses, joints or restaurants near you.
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Mozzarella Cheese: What You May Not Know About

Pizza @ Lago Bistro and Bar

We already know that Mozzarella cheese is one of those supplementary ingredients that make pizza and pasta recipes so visually enticing and delicious. What you may not know, however, is that this cheese variety brings with it interesting facts you may have not learned about yet. Without further ado, here is a list of fascinating things you may not have heard of yet about Mozzarella. Continue reading